Enthusiasm? Shock? Excitement? None?

Yesterday afternoon, I found out that Sue Waters had published a post where she mentioned our class blog, “Publishing Corner“. It surprised me a lot as it is the first time any of the blogs I have a participation is mentioned anywhere! – nevertheless the blog is 4 months. The major audience “The Edublogger” receives every day has helped us already by increasing the blog’s international visitors.

That afternoon I e-mailed my students so they could see by themselves what a big step they have taken, as they have reached real audiences which also was the main purpose of starting a class blog.

This morning when I was with them in class, we talked about it and I explained how important “The Edublogger” is in the Education on-line community, how this small mention in a list had given us the opportunity to get closer to the rest of the world and that it IS actually true what they say in the “Think Before You Post” security videos; if you are on-line, anyone may see you anywhere.

I could see that for these 11 and 12 year-olds it was like an eye-opening experience, to see light for the first time. Now, they are aware of what monumental responsability it is to be on-line: Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Hi5 and this time around, blogging.

Without knowing, Sue has helped me a lot when this Friday I present to my students the new approach we’ll be working through the semester for blogging: awards!



  1. Starting in March will be the 4th student blogging challenge. Last year we had over 3000 students from 15 countries of the world take part. The challenge has its own blog starting this year at http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org You can participate as individuals or as a class blog.

    Sue Waters from ‘The Edublogger” is one of the organizers of this challenge.

  2. I’m really glad that my post provided you as a teachable moment to educate them on you never know who is reading, appropriate online behaviour and that we are all part of a global audience.

    I hope it excites them to know that someone from Perth, Australia has been reading their blog — now they can do some research into where I live 🙂

    • It IS actually very amazing! As teenagers they feel everything is OK and that nothing ever happens, so they were quite surprised to know somebody out there was “watching”; Now, they have been asking me when they need to publish their next work; because somebody IS watching.

      Thank you for passing by!

  3. It amazes me when I see people from other countries, and even across my own country reading my blog. I can only imagine the impression it must have on your students, and to realize the power of their words.

    • Absolutly; once I wrote a post when I felt surprised after I had seen on the little map people from very far away countries.
      Therefore, I know my students felt even greater; Is it not a great feeling when you see somebody else read your work? even better, when they’re unexpected?
      Thank you very much for passing by!

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