1. Great presentation. It is an interesting tool, isn’t it! I like to use it for students to document their learning process on a task and reflect on their learning so it acts as a Digital Portfolio. It would also make an interesting CV.

    • Thank you, I do think this tool has a wide range of possibilities and besides it looks really neat doesn’t it?
      By “CV” you mean “curriculum vitae”? That would be pretty interesting.

  2. Great presentation. I saw a presentation done with prezi at a Gifted Education Conference last year, and I have been wanting to try it since. Your presentation may have inspired me to finally do it (and I have to do a workshop on how to create one, so I guess I need to figure it out) 🙂 Thanks!

    • Thank you!
      I don’t think I have seen this tool before last night, but since I watched it I had to try it… I went to bed at midnight! just trying out.
      Good luck with your workshop, your presentation will sure look astonishing.

  3. Nice presentation! I am amazed at how quickly students catch on to using the tools in Prezi. It can be a little cumbersome for teachers who are first time users but my students understand it very quickly. Most recently, my students used Prezi to break down and explain Bible verses that they are studying.

    • Thanks a lot!
      Yeah I know, when you’re a kid you absorb everything and you don’t think in anything else but trying. Then we grow up and we block ourselves by thinking of the “what if’s”.

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