Massive History Reaching People

Yesterday night, I among a lot others was able to be completely amazed by a great history show, the “200 Years of Being Proudly Mexicans“. The show was first presented a few months ago in Mexico City by the President Felipe Calderon (his Twitter account) and it is part of the celebrations which are taking place this year for the bicentennial.

It was quite fantastic to watch rivers of people flowing out after the first presentation ended and another river, even bigger, flowing in. Another impressive river was made out of cars as traffic was an unwanted guest. Nevertheless, You could see how families were rushing in and how grandparents, parents, teenagers and small children were all having excitement faces when passing by the check point. Once inside, everyone were respectfully and calmly trying to hold the best spot to watch and hear the biggest screen ever built for a public park; meanwhile classic Mexican songs were being played: mariachis, rancheras, huapangos and indigenous. One high tone sounded when the clock started the countdown and ten minutes seemed 200 years.

Another high tone for the second call… five minutes more.

Finally, the show started and people got quiet. Music and lights were dancing together as people sighed and clapped. 35 minutes of being proudly Mexican ended with one of the greatest songs ever composed for a country “Mexico Lindo y Querido” (Beautiful and Beloved Mexico) … and people began to sing and men started to make the mariachis singer’s yell. I’m sure that in this moment people had never felt so proud of being Mexican, and so had I. Century after century people could see how this amazing country was and is still being built.

Because an image is more than ten thousand words, here you can watch the complete show.



  1. of the bicentenary,the statues olmecas and aztecas,the pyramides of chichen-itza and tulum ,the dolores grite and chapultepec castle our culture is fantastic and impresionant , somebody families worked the agriculture and the independence’s persons are brave.

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