Attacking Tardiness

This week I asked the principal office permission to hand out some articles about teaching students to arrive on time, or even early, to appointments we have to attend to. Without hesitation the principal agreed and asked me to immediately invite my coworkers to apply some strategies found on such articles.

Unpunctuality among students is not one of my direct responsibilities, but I deeply thought I had to do something to decrease this unfortunate situation of some alumni. Fortunately, it is not a grave problem and the great majority of the students arrive on time. Unfortunately, the students who do have this problem tend to repeat it several times a week. Besides, today March 2nd the winter schedule is over and everybody has to come to school something before 8 a.m. Therefore, something had to be done; this week.

I had been searching for these type of articles since last December as well as translating them, and although one always has a vision of what is right, they were very enlightening and made me understand the principles and consequences of being late. I do hope some teachers may find them as good as I did.

Here you have the links to the articles used in the compendium (in English) :

  1. Forefront Families
  2. The Best Solutions fo the Latest Students
  3. How to Teach Punctuality to Children
  4. Lesson Plan on the Importance of Punctuality
  5. Punctuality Tips and Strategies

Below you can read what was delivered to the teachers. (In Spanish)

Promoviendo Puntualidad